Affimer® immunoassay reagents

Affimer® reagents have been successfully used to detect and quantify antigens across a broad range of immunoassay platforms. Highly specific Affimer® binders can be generated to a wide variety of novel targets and routinely show minimal matrix effects within the assay environment. The application of these binders as capture reagents within an immunoassay can increase the potential specificity and dynamic range of the assay, delivering improved accuracy and the opportunity to multiplex sample analysis.

The ease with which Affimer® binders can be formatted enables us to engineer reagents to provide flexibility in assay design and adapt to application requirements. For capture reagents, this can be done through direct adsorption, as fusion proteins, multimers, or via chemical conjugation allows controlled orientation of immobilisation upon a variety of surfaces and detection reagents can be functionalised with a number of detection molecules using controlled site-directed chemistry. We can raise binders as both capture and detection reagents, forming complementary Affimer® pairs, or Affimer-antibody pairs.

Affimer® molecules can also be generated that recognise antibody-antigen complexes but that do not bind to the antibody or antigen alone. This allows an existing antibody-based small molecule competition assay to be converted into a hybrid antibody-Affimer sandwich assay improving sensitivity, specificity, ease of quantitation and consumer read-out experience.

With rapid identification and security of supply Affimer® reagents create the potential to build novel immunoassays as well as improve upon existing offerings for research, industrial and clinical settings.

Benefit of Affimer® immunoassays

  • Excellent target specificity: Allows accurate and reproducible quantification of antigens of interest across multiple immunoassay platforms
  • Highly sensitive target detection: Showing no matrix effect and no cross-reactivity with highly homologous proteins Affimer® reagents can be validated to regulatory standards over clinically relevant concentration ranges.
  • Flexible formatting: Affimer® reagents can be easily modified with functional groups and tags to suit all assay requirements.
  • Highly stable in a wide range of assay conditions: Exposure to a wide range of pH, temperature, organic solvents and long-term storage has no effect on Affimer® reagent assay performance.
  • Rapid development: Our proven Affimer® binder process typically takes 12 weeks, helping you to meet tight product development timelines.
  • Batch-to-batch reproducibility: Affimer® reagents have been validated in accordance with FDA/ EMEA regulatory guidelines for critical reagents.

Custom Affimer® development service

Avacta has established a rapid and reliable process to develop Affimer® reagents. Based on phage display library selection and screening using a high-throughput bead-based ELISA assay, customers receive reagents in 12 weeks. With an excellent success rate and no need for an affinity maturation step, this high-speed development process represents a real advantage in being able to meet tight pre-clinical or clinical assay development timelines.