pre|CISION™ technology

Tumour microenvironment activated cancer therapies that transform patient outcomes

Avacta’s proprietary pre|CISION™ technology platform is enabling first-in-class cancer therapies that boost efficacy and minimise off-target toxicity. 

The pre|CISION™ tumour microenvironment activated chemotherapy platform releases active drug only within the tumour microenvironment – limiting systemic exposure and enhancing the safety and therapeutic potential of treatments for oncology indications. Avacta is now in clinic with its lead pre|CISION™ programme, AVA6000 – a tumour-activated form of doxorubicin.

Incorporating a substrate that is sensitive to cleavage by fibroblast activation protein (FAPα), pre|CISION™ is innovating an FAPα-activated approach to delivering cancer therapies – preventing the drug from entering cells and rendering it inert until the substrate is cleaved in the tumour microenvironment. In this way, systemic exposure to the therapy is dramatically reduced, and the safety and therapeutic window of powerful anti-cancer treatments is improved.

The high modularity of the platform offers the potential to use the precision substrate on a range of therapeutic agents for the next generation of tumour microenvironment activated drug technologies.


pre|CISION™ at a glance


Key advantages

  • Tumour microenvironment activated – localised release of therapeutic agents in the tumour, including chemotherapies, small molecules and other agents
  • FAPα-activated form of chemotherapies – limiting systemic exposure
  • Potential to significantly increase safety and therapeutic potential of cancer treatments

Delivering next-generation tumour microenvironment activated drug technologies

Now in clinic: Avacta’s lead pre|CISION™ programme, AVA6000 – a tumour microenvironment activated form of a chemotherapeutic agent, doxorubicin.

Reduction of common doxorubicin side-effects

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