Avacta took its lead pre|CISION™ targeted chemotherapy programme into the clinic in summer 2021 and has a pre-clinical pipeline of Affimer® immunotherapy candidates. 

Avacta’s long term focus is on achieving a more durable response for patients through synergy of the innate immune response to pre|CISION FAPα activated chemotherapies with the adaptive immune response to Affimer® immunotherapies in the form of co-administered combinations and in novel tumour-microenvironment activated drug conjugates (TMAC®).

Its lead Affimer® programme is a PD-L1 antagonist which will form the basis of future bispecifics, immunocytokines and TMAC drug conjugates. The lead pre|CISION programme, AVA6000, is a tumour targeted form of doxorubicin.

Beyond these two main programmes, the company is exploring a number of I-O antagonists and agonists, and other pre|CISION FAPα activated drugs, to support future programmes and partnering.

Click on the red bars in the pipeline infographic below for more information.

Phase 1
pre|CISION AVA6000 – FAPα activated doxorubicin
pre|CISION™ AVA3996 – FAPα activated proteasome inhibitor
pre|CISION™ AVA3996 – FAPα activated proteasome inhibitorPre Clinical
AVA028 – PD-L1 Affimer® / IL2 bispecific
AVA028 – PD-L1 Affimer® / IL2 bispecificResearch
AVA021 – PD-L1 Affimer® / LAG-3 Affimer® bispecific
TMAC® platform
PD-L1 XT®Pre Clinical
Undisclosed targets
Undisclosed targetsResearch
Cell and gene therapies
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