About Avacta

Avacta is a healthcare group developing innovative cancer drugs and powerful in vitro diagnostics to improve human health and well-being.

Avacta is addressing these key challenges in healthcare through two separate divisions:

Avacta’s Therapeutics division, based in White City, London, U.K. develops novel cancer therapies using its two proprietary platforms – Affimer® biotherapeutics and pre|CISIONTM tumour targeted chemotherapy. With this approach, the Company aims to address the lack of a durable response to current immunotherapies experienced by most patients.

The Affimer® platform is a novel class of biotherapeutic based on a naturally occurring human protein. It is Avacta’s proprietary therapeutic platform with its intellectual property covered by several patent families. Using the Affimer® platform Avacta is focusing on immunotherapies in the fight against cancer.

Avacta’s proprietary pre|CISIONTM targeted chemotherapy platform, releases active drug in the tumour, thereby reducing systemic exposure and improving the overall safety and therapeutic potential of these powerful anti-cancer treatments. Avacta took its first pre|CISIONTM drug candidate AVA6000, a targeted form of the standard-of-care Doxorubicin, into the clinic in summer 2021. The Company anticipates the results of this phase 1 study which will demonstrate safety and mechanism of action in 2023 which will pave the way for further clinical development of AVA6000 and other pre|CISIONTM targeted chemotherapies.

There is potential to combine these two platforms  with the aim creating effective treatments for all cancer patients including those who do not respond to existing immunotherapies.


Avacta’s Diagnostics division, based in Wetherby, UK., is using the Affimer® platform with the aim of developing market leading diagnostic products.

Alongside this organic growth strategy Avacta is delivering an ambitious M&A led growth strategy to consolidate in the fragmented European diagnostics sector with the aim of building a substantial in-vitro diagnostics business with global-reach and delivering significant value to shareholders.

Avacta Diagnostics M&A strategy is focused on the highest value parts of the diagnostics value chain – innovative product development and commercial routes to market. In this competitive market, the Affimer® platform provides a powerful tool to differentiate diagnostic products to gain competitive advantage and grow market share of acquired immunodiagnostic businesses.

“What drives us all at Avacta is a desire to improve human health and well-being and to realise the incredible potential of our Affimer and pre|CISION platforms.”