Affimer® reagents are ideal tools for use in a wide variety of diagnostic applications.

Affimer® reagents are ideal tools for use in a wide variety of diagnostic and research applications. With a rapid development timeline Affimer® reagents represent a quick solution to rapidly unfolding research needs and ever growing needs for quality diagnostic reagents with consistent supplies. Custom Affimer solutions are available to meet your Diagnostic and Research needs.

Affimer® technology offers highly specific target recognition in a variety of complex samples, while retaining both chemical and thermal stability. Affimer® molecules offer flexibility in formatting via both genetic and chemical means. A single strategic cysteine residue addition allows for site specific functionalisation with enzymes, dyes, fluors, or immobilization onto a variety of surfaces. In addition to classical chemical methods of modification, we are also able to express genetic modifications to optimise performance (GFP, carrier proteins, and even multimers).

We develop highly specific, reproducible, and stable tools for use in point of care (POC) tests, ligand binding assays and bioprocessing and separations from complex matrices.

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Affimer applications

Affimer® reagents and diagnostics can be developed for a range of applications.

Custom Service

Our rapid custom Affimer® service takes just 12-14 weeks.

We develop anti-idiotypic reagents to innovator and biosimilar therapeutic antibodies for use in bioanalytical assays.

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