Affimer® technology

Next-generation biotherapeutics to surpass the limitations of cancer therapies

Avacta’s proprietary Affimer® technology is a novel class of biological, based on the naturally occurring human protein Stefin A, which enables the development of next-generation biotherapeutics.

Affimer® proteins are smaller than antibodies meaning that they potentially have better tissue penetration advantages in solid tumours. This, combined with exquisite specificity, strong stability and high expression, confers excellent drug-like properties to Affimer® molecules.

The PK/PD of therapeutic Affimer® molecules can be tuned using Affimer XT®, a serum albumin-binding Affimer® with half-life extension properties, or using Affimer-Fc fusions. Affimer® molecules can also be genetically fused to each other to form multi-specific therapies, or to other proteins, such as the C-terminus of an antibody, to generate bispecific biobetter formats.

The Affimer® platform at a glance


Key advantages

  • Affimer® proteins can be made to be exquisitely specific.
  • Affimer® proteins can be generated to bind to targets that have proven very difficult for antibodies.
  • Affimer® proteins can be linked to create multi-specific therapeutics that address more than one target.
  • Affimer® proteins have excellent properties for drug development
    • They can quickly be generated to bind to a target of interest
    • They have a tuneable serum half-life
    • They are relatively cheap to manufacture
    • They are robust, stable and highly soluble
    • They have no post-translational modifications
    • The core Affimer® protein is human and therefore the risk of immunogenicity is lowered

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