The Avacta pre|CISION-ADC platform leverages the FAP-activated tumour-specific release mechanism of the pre|CISIONTM technology with the tumour-targeting capability of an antibody or Affimer®.

The mechanism of action of the pre|CISION-ADC model optimises warhead delivery by targeting the warhead to the TME in two ways: with the antibody or Affimer® target and FAP-release in the TME.

Optimisation of the bystander effect is a key benefit of the mechanism of the pre|CISION-ADC platform. The biologic targets the molecule to the TME through a non-internalising mechanism and membrane-bound FAP releases the warhead in the extracellular space, thus equally targeting both antigen-positive and antigen-negative tumour cells.

The dual-delivery by a pre|CISION-ADC drug leveraging both a tumour antigen to target and FAP to release the warhead will significantly reduce the off-tumour toxicities associated with traditional ADC mechanisms.

Key Points of Differentiation: PDC v. AffDC v. Traditional ADC


pre|CISIONTM can be utilised in multiple drug formats:

pre|CISION drug conjugate (PDC)

The warhead is linked to a peptide specifically cleaved by FAP which prevents cell entry until released by FAP in the extracellular TME. t1/2: mins to hours

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pre|CISION+ half-life optimised conjugate

The peptide-warhead conjugate is linked to the Fc region, producing a pre|CISIONTM molecule with prolonged half-life and DAR~10. t1/2: ~hours – days

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pre|CISION ADC drug conjugate (AffDC)

The peptide-warhead conjugate is linked  to a tumour antigen-targeted monoclonal antibody or Affimer®, creating a highly tumour-specific ADC. t1/2: ~days – weeks

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