pre|CISION+ Immuno-peptide drug conjugate


The Avacta pre|CISION+ platform is based on the peptide drug conjugate delivery model which is then conjugated to a biologic protein moiety such as the Fc region of an antibody or AffimerXT® to significantly extend the half-life and optimise the pharmacokinetics of the peptide drug conjugate.

Significant extension of the half-life of the pre|CISIONTM warhead will benefit certain warheads that target tumours differently from traditional cytotoxics. Examples of such pre|CISION+ warheads include cancer pathway targeted therapies or immune modulators where more consistent and concentrated delivery to the TME is optimal.

Biologic conjugates such as the Fc region of monoclonal antibodies are preserved from degradation by naturally occurring means within the immune system such as antibody recycling by the neonatal Fc receptor (Roopenian 2007, Rath 2015).

Delivery of the warhead by a pre|CISION+ drug leverages the tumour-specific expression of FAP combined with the half-life extension of the biologic conjugation.

pre|CISIONTM can be utilised in multiple drug formats:

pre|CISION peptide drug conjugate (PDC)

The warhead is linked to a peptide specifically cleaved by FAP which prevents cell entry until released by FAP in the extracellular TME. t1/2: mins to hours

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pre|CISION+ half-life optimised conjugate

The peptide-warhead conjugate is linked to the Fc region, producing a pre|CISIONTM molecule with prolonged half-life and DAR~10. t1/2: ~hours – days

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pre|CISION ADC drug conjugate (AffDC)

The peptide-warhead conjugate is linked  to a tumour antigen-targeted monoclonal antibody or Affimer®, creating a highly tumour-specific ADC. t1/2: ~days – weeks

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