Innovating next-generation cancer therapies to transform patient outcomes

Avacta Therapeutics is a clinical-stage pioneer of next-generation cancer therapies, with a mission to transform treatment outcomes for cancer patients.

Avacta’s novel cancer therapies harness proprietary technology – our innovative pre|CISION™ platform for tumour microenvironment activated chemotherapy and novel Affimer® biotherapeutics platform – to deliver first-in-class cancer therapies that boost efficacy and minimise off target toxicity.

Through its advanced platform technologies, Avacta is building a pipeline of novel cancer therapies with the potential to revolutionise the treatability of solid tumours.

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From bench to bedside

Avacta Therapeutics’ ‘bench to bedside’ concept starts with a clear goal in mind: to better serve the unmet needs of cancer patients, and to radically improve treatment experiences and outcomes for all.

With our integrated approach, built on extensive clinical and commercial experience, we are committed to the continuous exploration of optimal answers surrounding the efficacy, safety, and dosage of our advanced therapies – with the patient always at the heart of the process.

Avacta Therapeutics’ world-class team brings a rich understanding of the issues and challenges faced by both cancer patients and clinicians. Our unique expertise and deep knowledge enable us to know what the existing development parameters are, and how we can successfully innovate to push boundaries – resulting in breakthrough medicines and therapies that deliver a step-change in real-world impact.


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